3D printer expert sees great potential in Blueprinter

Published on: Saturday, 26 November 2016

3D printer expert and ph.d. Additive Manufacturing David Bue Pedersen predicts great things for the Danish company, Blueprinter. Pedersen is a researcher at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, who researches in both existing and new 3D print technologies.
Blueprinter has found a method of printing high quality 3D materials, which will allow small and medium-sized companies to purchase a professional sintering-based 3D printer for an affordable amount. This, he believes, will be the company’s road to success.

Great potential

Pedersen describes Blueprinter as having great potential, because it has created a much cheaper alternative to the existing laser based machines. Pedersen argues that, for Blueprinter to truly fulfill its potential, it must gain a foothold in the 3D printer market.
Its progressive new technology has the possibility of becoming sought-after in the future, but Blueprinter still needs to create a sustainable market position for itself. Pedersen reasons:
“If Blueprinter is successful in getting the printer out there, then there’s a possibility that Blueprinter can become a serious competitor on the international 3D-printer market”.
Pedersen’s positive predictions for Blueprinter are slowly being realised, as Blueprinter has started production and is noticing both an increase in demand and a lot of interest in their 3D printers throughout the world.

New technology

Blueprinter has introduced a remarkable alternative to the traditional laser based technology. Blueprinter has invented a printing method called Selective Heat Sintering (SHS), which uses a thermal printhead to sinter powder into a 3D item.
In this pioneering, yet simple, way a professional sintering-based 3D printer becomes much more accessible to more people due to the much lower cost. The low cost is enabled by the fact that, SHS technology uses thermal printhead as opposed to a laser.
Blueprinter has in this sense made 3D printing affordable and drastically reduced the price of professional high quality 3D printing.