Crowdfunding campaigns are not always what they look like

Published on: Saturday, 26 November 2016

There is a recently launched crowdfunding campaign for a 3D printer named X FORCE which has attracted my attention. At a first glance, it looked like yet another 3D printer crowfunding project, but, I noticed some inconsistences.

So the campaign is looking for 50,000 AUD but it's offering just three types of rewards, the classic $1, a $33 for a T-shirt and only 10 rewards for a 3D printer which is priced 1,800 AUD. After some years spent studying maths at my engineering school, I applied that knowledge to conclude that 10 x 1800 = 18000. So you need to raise 32,000 AUD just selling T-shirts. Did I mention it is a 3D printer crowdfunding campaign?, I must be wrong, it looks like more to a T-shirt crowdfunding campaign.

Another point was the creator, a guy named 'kaan tas' who is not showing a picture of him/herself nor a social network profile. Although he always use the plural 'we', there is no information about the supposed team that is working on it.

But the most suspicious point is the 3D printer is incredibly similar to TMTCTW's 3D printers. Well, to be honest, it's the same 3D printer, even the pictures are the same with a rough Photoshop work on it.

Taking a look to the crowdfunding campaign website, there have been some updates: the creator has upgraded the machine to a larger build volume and has added a couple of rewards for another 60 3D printers. That makes a bit more sense, but the lack of information about who has created the project will be a great barrier to the success of this campaign.

Moreover, the crowdfunding website should be more careful with the approved campaigns. These kind of projects just raise the potential backers' distrust on many of the projects launching 3D printing related products.