China's first megawatt-size power tower is complete and operational

Published on: Thursday, 30 August 2012
Yanqing Solar Thermal Power Tower. Photo: Himin Solar

The Yanqing Solar Thermal Power Station is a 1 MW central receiver CSP plant, developed by the Institute of Electrical Enegineering of China Academy of Science.

The project, led by Dr. Zhifeng Wang, was inlcuded in the 11th five-year "863 program" in 2006. With a financing support of Yuan120 million (about $19 M), the project has been designed, developed and built with Chinese technology and by Chinese companies.

The facility, intended for research purpose, is a firm step towards China's development of proprietary technology to be deployed in its emerging domestic market. Alongside with the tower demonstration plant (in fact there are two towers), the complex also hosts other research facilities such as a a molten salts laboratory or an optical laboratory.

The project has been developed jointly by a group of companies and research centers. Among them, Himin Solar, a pioneering Chinese company in getting involved in the CSP sector, has developed and manufatured the heliostats, which have to withstand weather conditions of high winds and dust from the desert.

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