AORA Solar Completes Construction of its Second Hybrid Micro CSP Power Station

Published on: Saturday, 07 April 2012
View of the AORA's demonstration plant in Almeria

AORA Solar has announced today in a press release the completion of the construction of its second gas turbine solar thermal power station in Almeria, Spain.

This new facility is a 100kWe research and demonstration plant, which, according to AORA's statements requires less land and water to generate electric power and heat energy than other solar system.

The plant will produce 170kW of heat in addition to the electricity production, which will be used to power a desalination plant. It has taken seven months to complete the construction and is designed for a minimum economic lifespan of 25 years.

AORA's technology applied in this plant, uses biogas, biodiesel or natural gas jointly with solar radiation and is able to work in some operation modes as: solar-only, where only solar heating is used to produce electricity, hybrid-mode, where fuel helps the generation when solar radiation is insufficient (e.g. a cloudy day) or fuel-only, the mode for operate during night hours, thereby guaranteeing a 24 hours a day operation.

These kind of facilities provides high modularity and offers wide implementation options, allows for construction in scattered locations and on sloped land.

"We are very excited to complete construction on our second power station, and we look forward to demonstrating our unique ability to provide our customers with uninterrupted, 24/7 clean-power," said Zev Rosenzweig, AORA's CEO. "Our technology and scalable solution can be easily customized for a variety of applications and environments and I believe this demonstration unit will be quickly followed by additional installations in Spain and around the world."

AORA’s Almeria power station is situated on half an acre of land in Plataforma Solar de Almeria, the world's largest and most exclusive science park dedicated solely to the research and development of solar-based power-generating systems. The plant consists of a field of 52 tracking mirrors (heliostats). Each heliostat follows the sun and directs its rays towards the top of a 35 meter-high tower housing a special solar receiver along with a 100kWe gas turbine. The patented receiver uses the sun’s energy to heat air to a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius and directs this energy into the turbine. The turbine then converts this thermal energy into electric power.

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