Concentrating Solar Power Alliance launched in the US

Published on: Friday, 23 March 2012

Leading concentrating solar power companies, Abengoa, BrightSource Energy and Torresol Energy today announced the formation of the Concentrating Solar Power Alliance (CSPA). The new organization is dedicated to educating U.S. regulators, utilities and grid operators about the unique benefits of concentrating solar power (CSP) and of thermal energy storage as a foundational resource for a reliable, low-carbon electricity mix and a driver of economic growth.
The Alliance’s mission is to promote the increased acceptance, adoption and implementation of concentrating solar power plants in the United States. The Alliance will also promote policies to encourage and advance CSP technology deployment.
“Concentrating solar power technology is the only renewable resource that is capable of harnessing the world’s most abundant fuel source – the sun – to produce reliable, cost-effective, and dispatchable electricity,” said Tex Wilkins, Executive Director of the CSP Alliance. “We believe CSP, with the ability to dispatch electricity when it is needed, is critical in meeting the energy challenges facing the United States and the world.”
Frank (Tex) Wilkins, Executive Director or CSPA, has been the responsible for the development of CSP ad the Department of Energy of the US (DOE) for eleven years and also represented the US in the SolarPACES implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency
The formation of the CSP Alliance builds on the momentum following the creation of the World Solar Thermal Electricity Association (STELAWorld), a consortium of industry associations representing the solar thermal electricity industry in Europe, Australia and South Africa. While independent of STELAWorld, the CSP Alliance will work closely with these associations to further advance the solar thermal industry in the U.S. and abroad.
The website of the new organization is alredeady available and plenty of documents about CSP technology. As it's shown in the website, the organization is opened to new members who want to join and enhance their organization's profile by promoting renewable energy, economic growth, job creation and environmental responsibility,