Renovalia unveils 4 years of Dish Technology R&D results

Published on: Saturday, 07 April 2012
Parabolic dish

Renovalia Energy, a Spain's based company of renewable energies, has just unveils the results of more tha 4 years researching the CSP dish technology jointly with US company Sunpower.

Renovalia has named this the "3rd generation CSP technology", and argues that in comparison with the other technologies, Dish doesn't need oil nor water to work, thereby it's less costly and more scalable.

This technology uses a Stirling engine which is feeded with heat thanks to the parabolic dish which concentrate the solar radiation in a point.

Renovalia is currently deploying a 1MW solar farm in Cuenca (Spain) and has plans to build seven more plants, all included at the pre-allocation registry of the Spanish Energy Ministry, and therefore, they are not affected by the halt on renewable energy support recently approved by the current Spanish Government.

1,235 jobs are expected to be created in the next 4 years in Spain, according to the company figures and at least 90% of all the components will be manufactured locally.


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