Spain's Ibereolica plans CSP plant in Chile

Published on: Saturday, 07 April 2012

It has been reported in several medias that Spain's based renewable energies company Ibereolica, plans to build a CSP plant in the Atacama desert in Chile as it is reported from an Environment Impact Declaration applied to the Chilean Government.

This project would be a 360MW power plant divided in two units of 180MW each named "Fase I" y "Fase II", and each one would comprise in turn another two units of 90MW each.

The project includes two 5.5 km parallel transmission line of 220kV and some others facilities to transport the electricity generated.

The invest would reach 2.6 billion dollars and would be the largest CSP project in Latin America.

According to  Centro de Desarrollo Energético de Antofagasta, the DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation) in the region is around 2,500 kWh/m2.

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