Delaware Court approves sale of Palen and Blythe projects to BrightSource and NextEra

Published on: Thursday, 28 June 2012
BrightSource plant render

BrightSource is now the owner of the 500 MW Palen project, a proposed parabolic trough concentrated solar power plant in development stage promoted by bakrupt Solar Trust of America.

Solar Trust of America, a joint venture of German company Solar Millennium and Ferrostaal AG, to develop CSP plants in the US, filled for bankruptcy last April. It was developing its flagship project, the 1,000 MW Blythe CSP plant, and the 500 MW Palen CSP plant. Solar Millenium filed for insolvency in Germany a few months before STA did in the US.

The Palen Solar Power Project status is currently  "Licensed, In Compliance Phase" , according to California Energy Commision (CEC). On June, 25 CEC has received a petition to change ownership from Palen Solar I LLC to Nalep Solar Project I LLC, a wholly owned, indirect subsidiary of BrightSource Energy Inc.

On December 15, 2010, the project received the approval of the Application for Certification from CEC, where it is committed to commence construction within five years of the adoption date.

BrightSource is currently building the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generation System, a 392 MW (gross) CSP plant comprised by three power towers, this will be the largest CSP plant in the US when completed. Moreover, BrightSource is developing more CSP plants, Hidden Hills and Rio Mesa project, both  500 MW plants with central receiver (power tower) technology.

NextEra Energy Resources has been the higher bidder for the Blythe project, the most ambitious project of Solar Millenium, a 1,000 MW CSP plant using parabolic trough technology, located approximately eight miles west of City of Blythe, Riverside County, California.

CEC has received a petition to change ownership from Palo Verde Solar I LLC to NextEra Blythe Energy Center LLC on June, 25. The project is listed as "under construction" in "hold" status.

NextEra is currently constructing the Genesis Solar Energy Project,  a 250 MW parabolic trough plant, in Riverside County which is expected to be completed by mid 2013. 

Solar Millenium announced it would turn the Blythe project to PV before it filed for bankruptcy.

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