ANEST holds conference "Sicily, the island of Solar Thermal energy"

Published on: Wednesday, 19 September 2012

ANEST, the National Association of CSP of Italy, holds today a conference under the title "Sicily, the island of Solar Thermal energy. Towards the Charter of the Sun, an energy pact between territory and industry".

The conference aims to define the "Charter of the Sun", an act of commitment by social, productive and political forces to make the island the capital of Solar Thermal energy in Italy and the Mediterranean, while respecting its territorial and environmental features.

With a wide range of panelists from CSP companies and organizations as ESTELA, ANEST, Abengoa, Enel Green Power or Ingeteam among others, the conference is to be held during September 19, in Sicily. The conference is organized jointly by ANEST and FRED Sicilia.

According to the organizers, Sicily is the region with the greatest opportunities, possibilities and prospects for the development of renewable energies: it is the largest Italian region, with the greatest solar irradiation in the country, it has excellent research centres and a business potential in the sector of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Sicily must aim at becoming the leading region in Europe and the entire Mediterranean of a “decarbonized” economy based on solar energy, deriving from the needs and resources of the territory.

The organizaer think Sicily could become the pathfinder for solar energy in Europe and the entire Mediterranean, if it succeeded in developing industrial models on its territory based on complete energy production chains. In order to set in motion this process, starting this time from the needs and resources of the territory, bearing in mind that the “Concentratin Solar Power (CSP)” production chain of solar energy ensures exploitation of those climatic resources in which Sicily has a competitive advantage and can lead to increased development of the local economy.

Sicily is the region were the first demonstration plant was built, the Archimede Project developed by ENEL-ENEA in the early 80s.

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