Rumors about Solel founder to buy back Siemens CSP business unit

Published on: Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yesterday, Siemens announced it leaves the solar energy and puts the solar business unit for sale, and at the same timer, first rumors about buyers are emerging.

In the press release, Siemens said it was in conversations with potential buyers of its solar assets. Today we have read in Globes the information about Brenmiller, who founded Solel and sold it to Siemens, intends to buy back Solel (now Siemens Solar Thermal Energy).

Siemens bought Solel, a parabolic trough receiver manufacturer in 2009 for $418 million and since then, Siemens has growth in the CSP sector with new products.

Globes says Siemens also plans to sell stakes in Arava Power, the company which is developing CSP and PV projects in Israel.

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