World's first hybrid CSP-Biomass plant comes on-line

Published on: Thursday, 13 December 2012
Termosolar Borges, world's first CSP-Biomass hybrid power plant

The day has come, the world's first CSP-Biomass hybrid power plant is sending electrons to Spain's electric grid after the first tests to synchronize the turbine.

Comsa Emte and Abantia, the promoters of Termosolar Borges, have announced the plant is working properly and it has been connected to the grid.

After 20 months of work and an investment of €153 million, the plant has been commissioned and will serve electricity enough for 27,000 households and will avoid 24,500 tons of CO2.

The plant combines a parabolic trough solar field and biomass boilers to produce 22.5 MW of renewable energy 24/7.

The solar field, comprised by 2,688 collectors (224 loops or SCAs) has been realized by Siemens, which announced recently to leave the solar energy business. The boilers have been provided by Intec and the turbine was awarded to MAN.

This kind of hybrid plants allows to deploy concentrated solar power in areas with lower solar radiation but with biomass resources available nearby.

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