150 layoffs at Siemens' CSP components plant in Israel

Published on: Sunday, 16 June 2013

Siemens is firing 150 employees out of current 200 workers at its CSP components manufacturing facility in Beit Shemesh, Israel, has reported Globes.

The factory produces, among other products, heat collector elements (HCE) for parabolic trough concentrated solar power plants. It was established by Solel Solar Systems, an Israeli company that was bought for $418 million by Siemens in October 2009.

Furthermore, Bloomberg has reported that Siemens is definitely closing its solar unit "after failing to find a buyer and losing at least 784 million euros ($1 billion)". It “has become evident that, due to the increasingly difficult market situation, we will not find an investor for this business,” Said Torsten Wolf, a spokesman told Bloomberg. “We had negotiations with a number of interested parties but no agreement could be achieved.”

Siemens announced in October 2012 its withdrawal from the solar business and put its solar assets for sale, after the unexpected changed framework conditions, lower growth and strong price pressure in the solar markets.

Despite the rumors about former Solel CEO Avi Brenmiller to buy back the company and the announcement made by Siemens that it was holding talks with interested buyers, there aren't positive signs for now.

Siemens aimed to be a worldwide provider of parabolic trough solar fields, heat collector elements (receiver tube), steam turbines and control equipment for CSP plants. Siemens owns a CSP plant in Spain, Lebrija 1, jointly with Spanish group Sacyr.

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