Siemens to auction its CSP assets in Israel

Published on: Thursday, 22 August 2013
Siemens to auction its CSP assets in Israel

UPDATE: Troostwijkt has delayed the auction until August 27. New closing date is September 12

Less than a year after Siemens announced its withdrawal from the solar business (PV and Concentrated Solar Power), its CSP assets located in Israel are going to be auctioned despite some news claiming talks with Spain's Abengoa were moving ahead.

CSP World has found that Troostwijk, an online auctioner, has published in its website a new auction to sell Siemens CSP's assets located in Israel. The auction will be opened August 23 and will close on August 30.

Israeli news website Globes recently published an article headlined "Siemens Solar sale to Abengoa moves forward", where the paper claimed a 'top source involved in the talks' said to Globes "there is a good chance that the deal will go through in view of the progress in the talks between Siemens and Abengoa".

Since Siemens' announcement to leave the solar sector, rumors about possible buyers for its CSP assets appeared in the medias, but none of them turned to be actual. Above all, Abengoa could be the most interested to buy, at least, the receiver tubes factory as there is a great shortage of suppliers, in fact, there is only one company that is delivering tubes to commercial plants, German's Schott Solar, what puts the company in a monopoly stage. Other Chinese manufactures have not yet been able to supply tubes to commercial CSP plants.

Siemens bought Solel Solar Systems for $418 million back in 2009 and renamed it Siemens CSP. The German company expected a growing market for parabolic trough CSP plants and tried to position its CSP section as an integrated supplier for solar field construction. Three years later, the market forecast showed a slower growing pace than it expected and announced its exit from the solar sector.

Another possible buyer was Avi Brenmiller, one of the founder of Solel who could try to buy back the company, but Bernmiller was reportedly interested only in part of the assets and Siemens preferred to sell the whole unit.

At the moment I am writing this story it's 20 hours left to start the auction, so if any of you are interested, here you can make your offers.




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