Abengoa closes financing and begin operation of Solaben 1 & 6 CSP plants in Spain

Published on: Monday, 30 September 2013
Abengoa closes financing and begin operation of Solaben 1 & 6 CSP plants in Spain

Abengoa has begun operation of Solaben 1 & 6, a couple of Concentrated Solar Power plants in Spain. The company has also announced it has closed financing for these plants.

Solaben 1 and Solaben 6, two 50 MW parabolic trough plants located in Extremadura, Spain, are the final plants that Abengoa had under construction in Spain, awarded under the first -and the only- phase of CSP deployment in Spain. The company has also closed the non-recourse financing for both plants totaling €200 million, which will free up the equivalent amount of equity invested in these projects. This  marks the first step in the company's recently announced divestment plan.

The two plants, in addition with Solaben 2 & 3, belong to the Extremadura Solar Complex, comprising four 50 MW plants, without energy storage system, in what Abengoa claims to be "the largest solar complex in Europe with 200 MW capacity", and produce enough clean energy necessary to fulfill the needs of 104,000 households.

With these plants entering in operation, only a pair of CSP plants are yet to be commissioned in Spain, Arenales and Casablanca -view more detailed data in our CSP World map, www.csp-world.com/map - to complete the first -and the only- phase of CSP plants deployment in the Country. Once all of the plants are up adn running, 2.3 GW will be operational. With the new government ruling since later 2011, in addition with the Spanish financial and debt crisis, no more CSP plants are expected to be installed for a long period.

The plants at the Extremadura Solar Complex employ parabolic trough technology. Parabolic-shaped mirrors are set on structures that track the movement of the sun, and solar radiation is concentrated on a receiver tube. Inside the tube flows a heat-absorbing fluid which reaches approximately 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This fluid transfers the thermal energy to then transform water into steam, which drives a turbine to generate electricity.

Abengoa designs, constructs and operates its own plants, using parabolic trough, tower and photovoltaic technologies. With 22 plants in operation, Abengoa has a total installed capacity of 943 MW, as well as 710 MW under construction worldwide.

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