Sculpteo releases the first large-scale 3D printing business statistical study

Published on: Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The first edition of Sculpteo's State of 3D Printing report has been released. The largest statistical study on how 3D Printing is improving business with geographical and sectorial insights.

After more than 1,100 respondents accross 16 vertical markets and from 50 countries, the French company has cooked all the data to generate a tasty overview of the 3D printing business. Participants have shared their opinion on how 3D Printing contributes to the performance of their organization and how they implement a 3D printing strategy.  The data is summarized in the first edition of our  State of 3D Printing report.

The State of 3D Printing has 4 main components:

• Trends for 2015 have been gathered from every respondent and comprise the majority of the study
• The geographical insights section compares and contrasts the habits of users on both sides of the Atlantic.
• Executing a 3D printing strategy takes a detailed, practical look at the habits of ‘power users’
• The sectorial insights allows you to compare yourself to others within your industry

Sculpteo's State of 3D Printing report


The goal of our ‘State of 3D printing’ report is simple. We wanted to group together the biggest possible set of data on users of 3D printing. With more than a thousand engineers, CEOs, designers, educators, marketers, buyers and hobbyists who responded, we managed to put together a sample that we think is representative of behavior in the world of additive manufacturing.

In total, our sample consists of 1,118 respondents. Geographically, our sample is highly concentrated in Europe and America, which account for 91% of respondents. If we take a broader view, this sample summarizes the behavior of companies and individuals in 50 countries working in 16 different industries.

This report shows that the 3D printing revolution doesn’t just belong to individuals. In this respect, 58% of professional respondents reported annual incomes over $50K and 23% belong to a bracket earning more than a million dollars annually.


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