Sharebot Voyager DLP 3D printer rolls out from Sharebot store

Published on: Saturday, 16 May 2015
Sharebot Voyager DLP 3D prnter rolls out from Sharebot store

Sharebot Voyager is officialy rolling out from Italy's Sharebot warehouse, the first DLP technology 3D printer produced by Sharebot is already available on the company's website.

The Voyager is based on the DLP projector technology, a variation to the stereolithography (SLA) technology that pioneered the 3D printing industry,  which uses a projector as light source to cure a photosensitive resin, known as photopolymer.

A FULL HD projector with UV light emission, projects images on the photopolymer which becomes solid as soon as it is lighted up. This process continues layer after layer until the desired object is created and the result is a model with a very high definition.

This technique is often used for very precise results and fine detailed objects.  The outer layer is almost invisible and the surface is very smooth, without any visible imperfection even where the geometrical forms are more complex.

The printer comes with an integrated software which allows to manage all its functionality so that it is possible to create, personalize and modify all the needed support to print a model without any problem.

Sharebot R&D department is working on the development of many different kind of resins, each dedicated to a specific application are. Currently these resins have been experimented, but it's possible that the number can increase, depending on future developments.

  • SHARE-IC: resin dedicated to investment casting with a yellow color and a certain fragility. The resin is castable (it can be fused without leaving any residual). It can be printed quickly, just a second for single layer without affecting the model quality.
  • SHARE-CE: the ceramic charge give it a great resistance; it can support a 90°-130° temperature, which allows to create silicon rubber molds. This a high quality resin that can be applied to many different fields: odontology, goldsmithing and model making.
  • SHARE-HT: it can resists to a temperature between 60° and 70°C without suffer any transformation. The resin resemble the ABS features. During the first hours after the printing process the resin is elastic, but this features vanish in 24 hours leaving a rigid and hard object. SHARE-HT can be used to realize functioning parts, very smooth and with a good resilience.
  • SHARE-GP: it can be applied to many different uses because it can be printed fast without affecting the printing quality or the model resistance. The outer layer is invisible and the surface is perfectly smooth.

Sharebot Voyager is a professional working tool with a 54x96x100mm printing area which allows to create a high precision on the smallest detail.

Printing definion on the Z axis goes from 20 to 100 micron depending on the used resin, while the X and Y axes definition is 50 microns.

The printing process is very fast: it takes 30' to print a centimeter, allowing to have a small, precise model in just a couple of hours.

Voyager can be controlled remotely through a wireless connection: the entire printing process can be managed from every device (smartphone, tablet or computer) so that the machine can work in stand alone.

The printer can be used in many application fields allowing to a professional laboratory to improve and optimize the workflow reducing costs and timetable.

The areas where this technology can make the difference because of the great precision required:

  • odontology laboratories specialized in the production of dental casts and prosthesis;

  • goldsmithing producers who develop jewellery and fashion accessory;

  •  the model maker who's looking for small functioning parts;

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