Picaso 3D presents its new ODIN dual extruder 3D printer

Published on: Monday, 28 November 2016
Picaso 3D presents its new ODN dual extruder 3D printer

Russia's PICASO 3D has presented its new 3D printer PICASO 3D ODIN at this year's formnext in Frankfurt. The device is based on JetSwitch, a patented 3D printing technology with which the company claims "the fused filament fabrication process (FFF) enters a professional market field that was previously fully occupied by industrial 3D printers".

The JetSwitch technology is a dual-nozzle extruder solution for FFF 3D printers, built for dual-material printing and allowing complex print jobs. According to the company, it overcomes the traditional dual-extrusion roadblocks, such as nozzle positioning, filament dripping and low speed caused by nozzle change and the requirement for printing out the “wipe & prime towers”.

PICASO 3D ODIN, priced at 4199 EUR (including VAT), is the first 3D printer with the JetSwitch technology to arrive in Europe in early 2017. It is a robust closed-chamber dual-nozzle machine, delivering industrial-grade quality in the desktop format. Materials range from standard ABS, PLA and Flex to water-soluble PVA and HIPS. ODIN offers built-in material profiles to allow trouble-free printing.

“When we were developing this technology we kept in mind small and medium businesses which have requirements in professional in-house rapid prototyping, and are willing to have their print jobs on demand on their desktop,” stressed Andrey Isupov, Picaso 3D CEO. PICASO 3D is willing to embrace cooperation on JetSwitch as a standalone platform solution with other 3DP market players.

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