BigRep shows off its new medium size BigRep Studio and high temperature Tech 3D printer

Published on: Monday, 28 November 2016
BigRep shows off its new medium sized BigRep Studio and high temperature Tech 3D printer

German company BigRep has showed off its new 3D printers, the BigRep Studio and BigRep Tech during formnext 2016 held last month.

The BigRep Studio 3D printer is noticeable smaller than the company's iconic BigRep ONE as it features a 500 x 1000 x 500 mm build volume, just 25% of ONE's build volume.

Thanks to this volume reduction, the Studio is much more easily movable and can be installe with little hassle. The company argues this size allows the 3D printer to be used in office and educational environments.

Regading the 3D printer specs, it's equipped with a single extruder (optionally dual extruder) with 0.6 mm nozzle, the layer height goes from 200 to 400 microns and like its big brother, it's recommended to use 'cold' materials like PLA or PETG.

The BigRep Studio is currently available to pre-order and is expected to be shipping by Q2 2017. Retail price will be about 30,000 euros.

The company has also announced its partnership with German 3D printer manufacturer Kühling&Kühling with a new 3D printer being developed within this joint venture. The BigRep Tech, a delta-type 3D printer, which is "specifically designed for industrial manufacturing tasks. Processing engineering grade materials like high-impact polycarbonate in small- and mid-scale batches has never been as straightforward and economic".


The key points about the Tech is its high temperature print head reaching 500ºC and heated build chamber which leads to its ability to use technical plastics such as polycarbonate. This 3D printer features a 50 micron layer height with a build volumen of 400 mm in diameter and 600 mm in height.

The BigRep Tech is expected to be priced at about 44.000 euros.

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