Bicicletto, a 3D printed e-Bike by SPA and Materialise

Published on: Wednesday, 30 November 2016
Bicicletto, a 3D printed e-Bike by SPA and Materialise

Materialise and Nuova Società Piemontese Automobili (SPA) have entered into a long term manufacturing partnership after the release of the new version of Bicicletto, a high-tech electric bicycle.

Bicicletto is an electric vehicle that "turns mobility into an art, by blending the motorbike attitude and the bicycle spirit", say the companies behind this development. The new Bicicletto has been upgraded thanks to 3D printing technology provided by Materialise to make it lighter, faster and more cost-efficient to produce.

Nuova SPA, a historical Italian automotive brand, reborn in 2014, can now ehance its bikes and keep their conic vintage-inspired style.

“For Additive Manufacturing to bring end-use parts to a premium e-bike like this, it takes more than just 3D printing facilities. It takes dedicated post-production, rigorous quality control, and in-house engineering expertise,” says Alessio Esposti, Account Manager, Materialise Italy. “With this collaboration, we look forward to broadening the horizons of the automotive industry through Additive Manufacturing.”

This partnership is expected to allow Nuova SPA to develop new projects, including two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. 3D Printing will support SPA's next project, an off-road electric bike. For Materialise, the partnership provides an opportunity to continuously meet higher industry standards at its Certified Additive Manufacturing facility, and thereby strengthen the role of Additive Manufacturing in automotive production.

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