Ricoh and Solvay join forces to add PA6 to laser sintering 3D printing

Published on: Thursday, 01 December 2016
Ricoh and Solvay join forces to add PA6 to laser sintering 3D printing

Ricoh and Solvay proposes a unique offer to the market, combining RICOH AM S5500P’s 3D printers and Sinterline® Technyl® PA6 GB (Glass Beads) high performance powders.

By joining their efforts and long-proven knowledge, RICOH AM S5500P is the largest machine that is able to print Sinterline® Technyl® PA6GB, a material that is of strategic importance in the automotive and aerospace industries.

AM S5500P is an industrial grade 3D printer with laser sintering/melting technology, also known as LS, SLS, SLM or DLS, depending on the manufacturer.

This machine is one of only a few globally able to work with high temperature polyamides. The companies claim the combination of these two innovative solutions enables manufacturers to create short-runs and functional prototypes with performance comparable to PA6 injection molded parts.

Greg Plowman, Director, European AM Business Group, Ricoh Europe, says: “The potential of PA6 GB allows us to evolve the range of applications the RICOH AM S5500P can offer to our customers. The intrinsic features of PA6 powders allow functional prototyping and are ideal for small series applications where part performance and durability are essential criteria.”

Ralph Rissé, Sinterline® Global Business Development Manager, Solvay Performance Polyamides, adds: “Today, speeding up the development process of new applications across a wide range of industries, especially automotive, is crucial. The rapid prototyping of demanding parts that are closer to the final materials used for serial production provides OEMs and tiers an overwhelming design advantage when facing global competition to get products to market.”  

RICOH Rapid Fab facility
As part of its additive manufacturing business, centered on 3D printers, Ricoh Europe recently established its first RICOH Rapid Fab facility on the continent. Located in Telford, UK, the facility has been created to enable customers to benefit from Ricoh’s expertise in areas such as consultancy, training, design, manufacturing, post process finishing and measurement & inspection services. The facility also hosts demonstrations, giving customers an early look at the latest additive manufacturing innovations from Ricoh.

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