Human Solutions shows off its 3D body scanning solutions for apparel industry

Published on: Monday, 05 December 2016
Human Solutions shows off its 3D body scanning solutions for apparel industry

Human Solutions, together with its partner company VITRONIC, have taken part in the 7th International 3D body scanning Conference in where they have especially focused on the use of measurement technology in the apparel industry.

Visitors to the conference have experienced this product up close, have themselves measured in 3D in just a few seconds and receive an almost photorealistic image of themselves in color. 3D body scanners by Human Solutions and Vitronic are used in a wide range of sectors, but particularly in the apparel and automotive industries.

In this edition, Human Solutions has shown how fashion designers can benefit from precisely-captured body dimensions. In three presentations at the conference, Human Solutions employees have demonstrated the opportunities body scanning opens up for apparel companies – Anton Preiss, Director Business Unit Mobility, talked about the “Body scanner as an enabler for the digital fashion process. Anke Rissiek, Manager Sizing & Fitting, presented the initial results of the “iMorph” body shapes research project together with Thomas Fischer of the Institute of Textile and Fiber Research in Denkendorf. Anke Rissiek gave a lecture on the topic of size & fit entitled, “From 3D scan to best fit products – a cloud-based solution for fashion and workwear.”

“We are convinced that body scanning opens up a broad range of possibilities in the fashion industry, from customized apparel production to sizing & fitting optimization for the masses and the integration of the customer into individual product development,” said Anton Preiss.

The international “3D body scanning Technologies” Conference and Exhibition in Lugano is a platform on which manufacturers, users, developers and researchers from around the world gather to discuss the latest developments in body scanning.

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