Find the nearest 3D scanning service with Sculpteo's new 3D Scanning Map

Published on: Wednesday, 07 December 2016
Find the nearest 3D scanning service with Sculpteo's new 3D Scanning Map

French 3D printing service Scuplteo has launched a new tool to help those in need of a 3D scanning service. The 3D scanning map aims to help you find the best and nearest place to scan your object for 3D printing.

"The need for a 3D scanner can be motivated by many reasons: reverse engineering, industrial CAO, medical devices, tooling, etc… but often, buying a 3D scanner is not the adequate solution. A 3D scanning service has the technology and the skills to do a proper 3D scan", states Eole Recrosio in the company's blog.

The company highlights the medical sector as an example of the match between 3D scanning and 3D printing. "Since both 3D printing and 3D scanning developed in the same time in the medical sector, they are today widespread and gain more and more ground in the prosthesis and orthosis development. 3D scanning body parts give to the medical staff the exact dimensions of the prosthesis to send to a 3D printing service. Faster than traditional methods of making medical devices, 3D printing allows fine adjustments to perfectly fit the patient’s limb in a very short amount of time", says in its blog.

3D scanners are usually much more expensive than low-cost 3D printers and many users in need of a single use are not willing to buy one. Sculpteo has made the 3D scanning map where users can find the nearest 3D scanning spot. Fablabs, universities, professional services and 3D scanner owners open to sharing, all over the world, are allowed to apply to be pinned in the map. These spots will be verified by Sculpteo and will be updated regularly.

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