Arconic to supply nickel superalloys and titanium 3D printed components for Airbus A320 aircrafts

Published on: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Global engineering firm Arconic has signed two agreements to supply Airbus 3D printed metal parts for the airplane maker’s commercial aircraft. The first one involves the supply of 3D printed components made from high temperature nickel superalloys, and the second is related to 3D printed titanium airframe parts.

“We’re proud to deepen our partnership with Airbus through these agreements,” said Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO of Arconic. “Airbus’s confidence in our additive manufacturing capabilities is grounded in Arconic’s comprehensive strengths—from aerospace know-how to metals powder production and product qualification expertise. We are pleased to support our customers and pave the way to the future of aerospace manufacturing.”

Arconic will supply 3D printed ducting components made of high-temperature nickel superalloys for the A320 family of aircraft. According to the company, advanced nickel superalloys offer superior heat resistance for these components, which flow hot air from the aero engine to other parts of the airframe.

Under the second agreement, Arconic will supply 3D printed titanium airframe brackets, also for the A320 platform. The company expects to deliver the first parts under both agreements in the second quarter of 2017.

These agreements build on Arconic’s April 2016 deal with Airbus for 3D printed titanium fuselage and engine pylon components. That agreement established Arconic as an innovation partner to Airbus in the fast-growing metal 3D printing space.

Arconic claims its "comprehensive capabilities, from materials science and additive manufacturing expertise, to aerospace parts qualification experience and supply chain management are helping to grow our partnership with Airbus". These latest deals will draw on Arconic’s full range of 3D printing technology capabilities, including laser and electron beam powered powder bed fusion processes.

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