German OR Laser introduces new 'low-cost' metal 3D printer

Published on: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

German laser manufacturer OR Laser has introduced its 'low-cost' metal 3D printer, the ORLAS Creator, with a price tag of 77,000 euros  (about USD$82,000), the new ORLAS Creator aims to be the least expensive metal 3D printer on the market.

The company says it is "a very competitively priced, high-end system for additive manufacturing of a wide range of metal products providing the quickest-ever route from product concept to market launch. Metal designs can be realised in only a few hours without the investment of tooling". The available materials include stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt chrome, aluminium, nickel based alloys, titanium and precious metals.

The company faced a big challenge designing a user friendly interface for the machine. Latest state-of-the-art technology has been used including a high resolution display, touchscreen, wireless technology and cloud computing. The CREATOR’s interface allows to monitor, control and modify all process parameters even during the building of a part.

The ORLAS Creator features a circular bulding platform which the company claims allows for a 30% faster production speed "compared with comparable platforms". The Directed Energy Deposition system is powered by a 250 W fiber laser with a with a spot of just 40µm.

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