Italy's Opendot and WASP to teach the secrets of XXL 3D printing

Published on: Wednesday, 14 December 2016
Italy's Opendot and WASP to teach the secrets of XXL 3D printing

The Fab Lab Opendot and WASP, World’s Advanced Saving Project, are launching a professional course on big size 3D printing to reveal "he 3D printer-secrets through practical and theoretical lessons, detailed study and project activities and collective revision with a special focus on the self-production of big products".

The companies say 3D printing is slowly replacing some industrial technologies thanks to the spread of a new production concept, faster and cheaper which reduces the material waste and the transport and assemble charges, which allows the creation of unique and customized objects. Furthermore, we can imagine that in a near future there will be a 3D printer in each house for the self production of furniture and any kind of objects, and even the house itself.

During the workshop in Massa Lombarda, Italy, -where WASP is currently building houses with a huge 3D printer- the attendees will learn how to draw models for extralarge printers to produce chairs, lamps, games, equipments and accessories otherwise difficult to be made with longer processes. The aim is to obtain the theoretical and practical updated skills on the 3D printing, and to learn about the extra large 3D printer-future directions, its limits and potentialities, and to learn how to project, set and manage printers with a working area of a cubic meter; to experience a series of tips&tricks to create 3D files and G-Code perfect for this kind of machine.

Massimo Moretti, WASP’s founder, will introduce the course on 3D technology; he will tell his story explaining his vision and motivations. Other teachers in this event will be Giorgio Gurioli and Nicola Schiavarelli from WASP, Enrico Bassi and Gianluca Pugliese from Opendot.  Involved in the program two more experts in the field: Alessandro Ranellucci, creator and developer of the 3Dprinting software Slic3r, an instrument necessary to convert a three-dimensional model in printing instructions, and Dario Pizzigoni, the founder of  TreeD Filaments, leader company in the production of  high quality filaments for the 3d printers, who is going to introduce the polymers world. The workshop is opened to designers, companies, makers, businessmen, architects, engineers, technicians, but also curious and passionate people of the 3D printer world. A basic knowledge in CAD 3D and a good manual and practical ability are required.

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