3D metal printing company Concept Laser widely recognized during 2016

Published on: Tuesday, 17 January 2017
: Bavarian Innovation Award 2016: Ilse Aigner, Bavarian Minister of State for the Economy and Media, Energy and Technology, handed over the winner’s certificate to Dr. Florian Bechmann and Fabian Zeulner (both Concept Laser)

Germany's Concept Laser has been widely recognized the past months. As well as winning the “International Additive Manufacturing Award 2016” in March 2016, Concept Laser and Frank Herzog, founder and President & CEO have received five further awards.

Frank Herzog views the prizes and awards as a confirmation of the pioneering work and innovations that Concept Laser has now been delivering for 16 years in the field of powder-bed-based laser melting with metals: “Our drive to improve the quality and speed in additive manufacturing have helped to establish 3D metal printing as a manufacturing technology and even make it of interest for industrial series production. But the ever-rising demand and the associated dynamic growth of recent years also require constant adaptation of the company’s internal processes, a carefully considered entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting, and of course a committed workforce. We see the rapid development of recent years and the awards that have come with this as the motivation to continue to advance 3D metal printing and develop it at the very highest level.”

The company's CEO, Frank Herzog, has been awarded with the “Best Pioneer in the Manufacturing and 3D Printing Industry 2016”, by the European Business magazine (UK). The readers of the magazine voted by a large majority for the pioneer of the LaserCUSING process. With the development of powder-bed-based 3D metal printing, the presentation of the first industrial machine of this type at Euromold 2001 and numerous other innovations resulting in 65 patents and 120 ongoing patent applications, he has made a lasting impact on the industry and on additive manufacturing - this was the verdict of the European Business magazine and its readers. Herzog was also awarded as “Best CEO in the Additive Manufacturing Industry.”  by the “European CEO” magazine in London.

For the second year in a row, Germany’s Focus magazine voted the Lichtenfels based company as one of the Focus “Growth Champions” with its outstanding sales growth. The Focus Special edition presents 500 companies that achieved a particularly high percentage growth in sales between 2012 and 2015. Within the space of three years, sales at Concept Laser rose from 17.7 million euros to 67.3 million euros. In the overall rankings, Concept Laser therefore came in 155th place (out of 500) and was ranked 8th in the machinery and plant engineering industry grouping. An impressive average annual growth rate of 56% underscores the capacity for innovation and the importance of 3D metal printing as a manufacturing technology of the future.

For the third time, the Bavarian State Ministry of the Economy and Media, Energy and Technology, the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Consortium of Bavarian Chambers of Crafts presented the Bavarian Innovation Award in the Hall of Honor of the German Museum in Munich. The Bavarian State Government presents the award to recognize companies that have the courage and persistence to try new things and develop innovative ideas until they become economically viable. Prizes are awarded to product and process innovations as well as innovative technology-based services that have already achieved initial success in the market or whose success in the market is foreseeable. Innovations then that make an outstanding contribution to boosting Bavaria as a place to do business. Concept Laser won the coveted award with its “QM Meltpool 3D” quality assurance module and with the application motto “X-raying without X-rays.”

Together with the companies EDAG Engineering, Laser Zentrum Nord and the BLM Group, Concept Laser received the “Materialica Design + Technology Award 2016". A jury of experts from the worlds of science and industry praised a project for outstanding innovative achievements in the application of materials. In a setting befitting the occasion, the project team accepted the award for the joint “NextGen Spaceframe” project. The combination of outstanding design and high technological expertise was ultimately the crucial factor that led to the prize being awarded. The “NextGen Spaceframe” highlights new prospects for bionics and lightweight construction in automotive engineering in a concept car: Additively manufactured bodywork nodes and lasered profiles are combined in a hybrid manufacturing concept. The adaptable bodywork concept that can be manufactured flexibly opens up new opportunities in automation and JIS (just-in-sequence) manufacturing of bodies that are optimized to withstand load forces.


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